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Massage Therapy has been proven beneficial for many chronic conditions such as arthritis, fatigue, depression, back pain, headaches, high blood pressure and more.

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Spa Foot Massage

Swedish techniques/pressure points massage incorporated with uplifting essential oils, citrus scrub, and the use of moist hot towel for a full relaxation and soothing reflexes throughout the body. It is a stimulating and pleasurable massage.

Spa Head Massage

Focuses on neck, shoulders, scalp, and face to release the muscle tension that causes headaches. Also include the use of headache relief essential oils and moist hot towel. This treatment will leave you feeling uplifted and relieved.


Sight, Sound, and Scent of clean, warmth, and comfort that'll put your mind at ease and unwind.

Hot Towels

For soothing and cleansing the body.

" The massage therapist is professional and takes in to account any special concerns that I may have. She is aware of the muscles of the body and the massage is tailored to one's needs. A massage that addresses the tightness without any discomfort is what I want. I have been taking advantage of this excellent service for the past year." - Marie Hammond R.N. Sept.2013